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Agostini Andrea

Andrea Agostini was born in Ancona in 1964, graduated at the State Art Institute of the city and graduated from I.S.I.A. of Urbino (Higher Institute of Art Industry). In 1989, he became Professor of Graphic Design at the F. Depero State Art Institute in Rovereto (TN) and the following year he began collaborating as a graphic designer in a well-known clothing firm. He is currently in charge of styling visual communication and graphic design applied to fabric within different companies.
The pictorial dimensions represented by Agostini are poetic, fair-faced visions, in which the images portrayed by the Marxist artist point to the space between illusion and reality. His characters, portrayed very often in steady rise, convey Agostini's propensity towards a vision of positive and enthusiastic existence, open to authentic emotions.