Bellandi Luca

Luca Bellandi was born in Livorno in 1962. He attended the Pisa Institute of Art and subsequently graduated from the Academy of Art in Florence. He is initially attracted to the classics, afterwards remains involved with art and the American underground. The Livornese artist has gained successes and consents that have projected him as one of the most interesting artists of the contemporary artistic landscape. To mention the exhibition at the MUMi Museum of Francavilla in November 2007 and at the Ducal Palace of Urbino in 2013.

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Exhibitions (selections)

 2008  Galleria Il Sole Arte Contemporanea – Roma
Galleria Manzoni – Torino
Valentini Arte – Bellagio
Biale Cerruti Art Gallery – Siena
Galleria Arte Oggi – Finale Ligure (SV)
Galleria Roberto Rotta Farinelli – Genova
Grafique Art Gallery – Bologna
 2007 Arte Fiera – Firenze
Collettiva “Signs” Grafique Art Gallery – Bologna
Collettiva Big&Small Il Sole Arte Contemporanea – Roma
Personale “Sometimes Somewhere” MUMI Museo Michetti – Francavilla (CH)
Galleria Arte Oggi – Finale Ligure (SV)
Galleria Eclectica – Mestre (VE)
Galleria Santo Stefano – Venezia
Galleria Genus – San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
Galleria La Rocca – Torino
Arte Fiera – Padova
Galleria Art Flux (RSM)
 2006 Arte Fiera – Padova
Arte Fiera – Genova
Arte Fiera – Parma
Arte Fiera – Catania
Arte Fiera – Firenze
Arte Fiera – Genova
 2005 Mostra Personale ArtExpo – New York
ArtExpo – Miami
Mostra Mercato d’Arte Contemporanea – Viterbo
Galleria Arteitalia – Pescara
Galleria Padua Art Gallery (PD)
Galleria Santo Stefano – Venezia
Studio Ferretti – Macerata
Rassegna Manifesto (TO)
 2004 Complesso Monumentale del Convento San Francesco – Ravello (SA)
Expoarte – Bari
Mostra personale Galleria Wunderkammer – Bergamo
Arte Fiera Padova
ArtExpo – Bari
Mostra personale Complesso Monumentale Biblioteca San Francesco 
 2003 Complesso Monumentale del Convento San Francesco – Ravello (SA)
 2002 Galleria Blob – Art (LI)
 2001 Galleria Liba – Pontedera (FI)
25 caratteri + 8 arti visive e musiche a Livorno
 2000 Percorsi di pittura ed altro, Rocca Malatestiana (RN)
Muse compagnia delle colonie (LI)
 1999 Fotocopy art, Sottopasso 73 (LI)
Storyteller Archiloco (LI)
1998 Simpathy Fir The Devil (LI)
Delta Blues, Atelier delle Arti di Livorno (LI)
Serate illuminate – Centro Bassaglia (LI)
Collage Archioco (LI)
1997 Vetrina degli Artisti Contemporanei (FI)
1996 Trevi Flash Art (PG)
1991 Sabe Paint (LI)
1990 Collettiva Galleria Gennai (PI)

The Gallery

La Mongolfiera is situated in the center of Sanremo, the main important tourist town of the Riviera dei Fiori with international soul and place of many events including the Festival of Italian song and the arrival of cycling race Milano-Sanremo.

The mild climate, the Casinò and its proximity to the French Riviera make Sanremo a strategic point of Western Liguria.Visit the section About


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