Benvenuto Carla

Carla Benvenuto was born in 1956.

After the Faculty of Architecture he graduated from the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts and followed lithography courses in France.

The main theme he tackles in his works is that of the story: the artist writes, paints stories on large canvases that, sometimes, folded into origami become boats and are thus transformed into "Stories that travel". The latter become sculptures and installations, which together with the stories written on pieces of paper or rolled canvas are exhibited in public places, both in Italy and in France.

The place and the light are fundamental for the realization of his works: just think of his exhibitions made at the Museo di sant'Agostino in 2014 and 2016, where in this time he had established his studio and in natural light that through the skylight of his atelier completely invades the space.

The most recent catalogs of his artistic and historical research can be consulted at the Library of the Maga Museum in Milan and at the Biennale di Venezia 2011 bookshop, both at the Arsenale and at the Giardini.

Lives and works in Genoa, Fréjus and Paris (FR).


Solo exhibitions (selections)

2018  Galleria Il Basilisco - Genova
2017 Teatro della Corte - Genova
Galleria Cella - Santa Margherita (Genova)
Palazzo della Ragione - Trento
Libreria del Teatro della Corte - Genova
2016 Galerie du Château - Antibes
Museo di Sant'Agostino - Genova
CAD - Creativity Art Design - Genova
Artefiera, Studio Rossetti - Genova
Villa Aurélien - Fréjus
2015 Biennale Arte Dolomiti, Cibiana di Cadore - Belluno
Showroom Cortina - Belluno
2014 Galleria San Lorenzo al Ducale - Genova
2012 Atelier Impression - Fréjus
2011 Galleria Il Basilisco - Genova


Critical texts (selection)

Carla Benvenuto arrives today at the end of an established and consolidated path. Not only for the numerous exhibitions in Italy and France, but also for the maturity achieved in the technique and expression. Even if she claims it, her engagement with long and passionate art is not only the fruit of her tenacity ... Her painting reflects an internal and intense research.

Jaques Barrére


The art of welcome comes from the combination of all the senses. From the picture to space and from that to time; in the synthesis of proportion and rhythm, of interval and symmetry, of perspective continuity and geometric measurement, of historical symbol and contemporary presence, both in painting and in sculpture. The body erupts in the other and beyond the image, that is to say in the privileged sense of visual perception changed into expression and communication. Where art, the major cognitive acquisition, assembles the simple of giving itself to things with the complexion of their meaning.

Germano Beringheli


Carla Benvenuto, after a great international success, continued his work without renouncing the rigor of black backgrounds and the descriptive geometry from which his bodies and faces are born. His latest works are enriched with colors, with the highest degree of transparency and veiling, and precise grids that enhance the refined human substance, informal but concrete.

Elisabetta Rossetti 

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