We are pleased to present the new artists present in the gallery:

He lives and works in Rome where he trained at the S. Giacomo School of Ornamental Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts.
The technique he prefers is oil painting which allows him to play with colors, obtaining light effects and chromatic shades. His recent works are an interpretation of figurative painting in a POP key, through an original narrative inspired by the world of LEGO bricks.
He developed a particular sensitivity to the portrait theme by studying and reinventing masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Renée Magritte, Frida Kahlo and other great masters.
He recently exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, the Archaeological Museum in Salerno, the Permanente Museum in Milan and Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome


Illustrator, from an early age she has enriched her fervent imagination with the classics of fantastic fiction, feeding it with the sharp irony of authors like Roal Dahl and the timeless romanticism of illustrators like Beatrix Potter. After an artistic training course between Florence and Siena, Giulia has transformed her dreams into an everyday reality. Today she collaborates with numerous graphic, editorial and entrepreneurial realities. In her work, humor, romance and pop culture coexist harmoniously.


Born and raised in Switzerland, since she was a child she received the passion for painting from her father, the painter Augusto Gianesini.
In 2002 she moved to Rome where she studies and confronts artists from different countries and art schools and with whom she continues her pictorial journey. Oil, pastels, watercolors, charcoal and luminescence, all of her techniques attract her. The search for light and movement is always the basis of her works, a constant in her art is to try to capture and transmit the light even before representing the subject itself. She works both in the studio and en plein air, in Rome and Switzerland, in the city and in nature for her an infinite source of inspiration.


Born in Buenos Aires to an Italian father and Argentine mother, after completing his studies at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Buenos Aires, he specialized at the Roman School of Photography and Cinema.
His deep interest in architecture leads him to an analysis of contemporary metropolitan landscapes, which are represented from above, in their majestic complexity.

The Gallery

La Mongolfiera is situated in the center of Sanremo, the main important tourist town of the Riviera dei Fiori with international soul and place of many events including the Festival of Italian song and the arrival of cycling race Milano-Sanremo.

The mild climate, the Casinò and its proximity to the French Riviera make Sanremo a strategic point of Western Liguria.Visit the section About


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