Incontri Visionari

Incontri Visionari

"Incontri Visionari" is the title of the exhibition by Corrado Puma, an artist born in Bastia in France, a pupil of Milly Giovanelli and Bernardo Asplanato, a painter and engraver, a former pupil of Felice Casorati.

Always fascinated by Flemish art and in particular by Hieronymous Bosch and Brueghel, Corrado Puma wraps his landscapes, squares and islands in dreamy atmospheres, populated by characters and strange creatures, for the most part symbolic, enriched by minutes details and color combinations.
In the paintings exhibited and made specifically for this exhibition, Corrado Puma has reached a full awareness and maturity: he omits the previous checkered squares to arrive and concentrate on new meetings and new visionary perspectives that will fully involve the spectators.
If in previous works created by the artist, fishmen, amphibians, hybrids, tragicomic and restless kings populated "a miniaturist universe", but now they become "protagonists of a new personal mythology".
As noted by the art critic Claudia Andreotta, who will present the exhibition on the opening day, as produced by Corrado "appears entirely consistent with what Argan said about Chagall talking about "fabulazione visiva": There is an allegorism in the language intrinsic, which is not surprising because it is habitual, but becomes surprising when it is transposed by weight into a visual image, thus putting us in a position not to believe our eyes. [...] It is the incredible story, the fantastic that takes shape: though the works of Puma are permeated by a constant sense of estrangement, animals with Flemish headphones and a novel Alice in conversation with a creature in a narrow corset from the bust of which a hot-air balloon acts as a neck and head (Wandering slow) appear quite plausible".

The exhibition, curated by Gioia Quicquaro, art historian and presented by Claudia Andreotta, art critic, will be inaugurated Sunday, June 24 at 18 and will be open until July 21, 2018 every day at the Art Gallery La Mongolfiera in via Roma 50 in Sanremo, from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 15.45 to 19.45, except Monday mornings and holidays. The artist will be present at the inauguration.

For information: 0184 508554 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -


The Gallery

La Mongolfiera is situated in the center of Sanremo, the main important tourist town of the Riviera dei Fiori with international soul and place of many events including the Festival of Italian song and the arrival of cycling race Milano-Sanremo.

The mild climate, the Casinò and its proximity to the French Riviera make Sanremo a strategic point of Western Liguria.Visit the section About


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