Grudda Carin

Carin Grudda is an international artist who was born in 1953 in Gudensberg near Kassel (West Germany). Attending the international exhibition “Documenta” is passionate about art and in 1972 she decided to study Art History and Philosophy at the University of Gießen (West Germany).
Until the beginning of nineties, Grudda works in Frankfurt am Main as freelancer. Her subjects are identified in the “games” and “playful structures”; her works are based on “tracks” and “tracking/feelings” (Spur and spüren).
In 1991 Grudda won a scolarship to Miami at the South Florida Art Center, + “Zero Art”. Thanks to this experience, her works are geared toward big forms of “a group painting”, images, which consist of independent parts of different sizes that are then combined in a single subject.
In 1992, during a scholarship for artistic drawing sponsored by Saxoni in Lipsia, Grudda learned the etching technique that she adapts and continues to develop today in a personal way: the dry point. To create her works she is inspired by “trace” of his work space. Her subjects become “subject of street” as if they were a translation of the condition of itself over time.
In 1993 Grudda moves to Ingelheim on the Rhine river where she creates the Blaubilder, cycles of big works that she decides to change by cutting them into pieces of different size.
Over the years the artist creates her paintings on different surfaces. Actually she paints on wooden surfaces of objects she found before, with their own history, that she changes and assembles adding as many and different.
In 1998 she met the roman foundryman Caporrella where in his foundry she will create subsequently many bronze sculptures whose subjects will range from natural series of small snails to monumental Blau Miau.
As a result of increasingly numerous and important works in bronze in Italy, Grudda decides to move to Liguria where she still lives. In Tuscany and in Rome, she learns all the tecniques  related to the processing of bronze. She meets and works with international artists like Daniel Spoerri, Luciano Castello, Nunzio, Arman e Tommaso Cascella.
The artistic career of Carin Grudda receives an international recognition with the selection for the LIV Biennal of Venice in 2011.

Solo Exhibitions (selection)

2013 Hier… woanders, Galerie am Dom, Giessen
2012 Auf der Nase Tanzen, Galerie Elzenheimer, Schwalbach/TS
Qui… altrove, Galleria Losano, Pinerolo/Torino
Auf der Rolle, Bentley Frankfurt/Bad Homburg
Wilde Schafsjagd, Landtag Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz
Carin Grudda a Savona – Bronzi e Quadri
2011 WeiheFroheNachten – Galerie Kunst und Werk, Ingelheim
Einweihung “Microcosmos”, Platz mit 23 Bronzen, Korporation Zug, Schweiz, (Beginn der Arbeiten 2010)
Museum im alten Badehaus, Bad Soden am Taunus
Le improvvisazioni – Palazzina Liberta, Borgo Marina – Imperia
2010 Mikrokosmos – Beginn der Arbeiten am Platz in Zug, CH
Hofhausen vor der Sonne, Hofheim
2009 Phoenix – Schlossgalerie, Laubach, Gießen
Deep skin – Galerie Kunst und Werk, Ingelheim
Blau Miau – ein Jahr zu Gast im Centre Dürrenmatt, Neuchâtel
2008      L’anima lì – Museum Badalucco – Imperia
2007 Galleria M’arte - Arma di Taggia (IM)
2006 Dentro nel Fuori – Galleria del Barcon – Milano
2005 Carin Grudda – Bilder und Bronzen, Altes Rathaus und Kaiserpfalz, Ingelheim
2004 Bronzeparcour – Alessandria
2003 Fondazione d’arte, Reiner Kriester, Castellaro di Vendone – Albenga (SV)
Wo die Rätsel bleiben, Galerie Elzenheimer, Grafik und Bronzen von Salvador Dalì, Bilder und Bronzen von Carin Grudda, Schwalbach, Taunus
50 Bronzen – 50 Bilder, Carin Grudda – eine Retrospektive, Wanderausstellung, Eröffnung dt Gudensberg, Schwalbach, Taunus, Alessandria, Italien, danach Segelhafen Aregai und Golfclub Castellaro
2002 In Between – Kunstagentur Hoffmann&Hoehne, KAZ im Kulturbahnhof Kassel
2001 Carin Grudda – Comune di Santo Stefano al Mare (IM)
2000 Neue Arbeiten Kunstagentur Saalfrank, Wiesbaden
1998  Alte Synagoge, Gudensberg
1997 Art McCann, Frankfurt
1994  Allegro ma non troppo: BLAU-FFP + panta rei; Ausstellung und Gestaltung der Filmproduktion Studios, Frankfurt am Main
1992 Postbank, Leipzig
1991 SFAC – South Florida Art Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USA
1988 Gallerie Antonio Sanchez, Madrid  

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2012 “VALLEBON’art-e”, Accademia Balbo Vallebona/Imperia
Galerie Kunst und Werk, Ingelheim – mit Udo Lindenberg Wolkenpelztier (Bronze) für Skulpturenradweg Saalfelden – Leogang, Österreich
Arte Genova 2012 – Galleria M’Arte
2011 Blooom, art fair cologne
Le Fonderie Artistiche Romane, Carin Grudda zusammen mit Umberto Mastroianni, Emilio Greco, Giacomo Manzù, Arman, Daniel Spoerri, Nunzio, Tommaso Cascella, Claudio Costa, Ali Traore, Fuad, Musei di San Salvatore in Lauro, Roma
LIV Biennale Venedig 2011
Arte Genova 2011 – Galleria M’Arte
2010 Arte Contemporanea per il Tempio di Zeus, nella Valle dei Templi di Agrigento
Olivetti Park in Ivrea – gemeinsam mit Tino Aime
Arte Genova 2010 – Galleria M’Arte
2009 Galerie Kunst und Werk, Ingelheim – mit Udo Lindenberg und Helge Schneider
Bad Ragartz, 4. Schweizerische Triennale der Skulptur in Bad Ragaz und Vaduz
2007 Fonte Nuova, Rom, Ausstellung “Bronzi a Fonte Nuova” zusammen mit Arman, Spoerri, Oppenheim, Boisgontier, Cascella
2003 “Sculture a San Lorenzo”, Bronzen, zusammen mit Spoerri, Arman, Cascella, Bednarski, Gheno, comune di San Lorenzo al Mare (IM)
2002 Sechs Künstler – eine Gießerei – Arman, Bednarski, Boisgontier, Cascella, Gheno, Grudda, Kunstagentur Hoffmann&Hoehne in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kunstgießerei Pietro Caporrella, EAM, Kassel
2001 Il Bronzo – Galleria centro arti visive Beniamino, Bordighera, Italien Die Zauberflöte – Buhnebild,          Plakat, Programm, Aktion, Kleine Oper Bad Homburg
2000 Scultura – casa – giardino, die Kunstgießerei Caporrella unterwegs – (zusammen mit Arman, Boisgontier, Cascella, Nunzio, Spoerri), Galerie Bergner, Kunstagentur Saalfrank, Galerie Witzel (alle Wiesbaden), Galerie Job (Mainz) im Baumhaus, Wiesbaden
1999  Kunstmesse Pirmasens
1998 Graphik Highlights – Kulturhaus Krakau, Polen
Arte e Natura – Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum, Berlin
Internationale Graphik-Biennale, Verlag Depelmann, Kubus Hannover Kunstmesse, Innsbruck
1997 Highlights – Graphik im Museum Eilenburg
1996 D’ART – Kunstmesse Nizza, Francia
1994 ART EXPO – New York USA
1991  Windows of the world – Design Center Miami, Florida/USA
1989 12° Internationale Graphikmesse, Osaka, Japan
1988 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris


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