Maglitto Carlo

Carlo Maglitto was born in 1940 in Lentini (Siracusa). When he was 17 he lived for a year to the Center of Anthroposophical Studies of “Goethenaum” University in Dornach (Basilea) in Switzerland where he attended Eurythmics and Fine Arts courses. When he came back to Italy, he graduated in Sports Science with a thesis on the volunteer organization. Then he moved to Bordighera (West Coast Liguria, Italy) where he attended Guido Seborga, Francesco Biamonti, Biancheri (Ciacio) and Enzo Bernardini.
He became working as correspondent with the Genoese journal “Lavoro Nuovo”. In 1980 a collection of his poems called “Documento in frammenti di una reggenza antica” was published with the the spiritual contribution of the writer Giuseppe Conte and with a preface of the poet Rosita Copioli 
He participated to public reading lectures with the poets Mario Baudino, Giuseppe Conte, Nico Orengo, Mussapi and he wrote theatral texts for the project “Salviamo Bussana Vecchia”. In the same period he opened his atelier in Bussana Vecchia and he met international artists.
After an informal art beginning also in painting and sculpture, he dedicated himself to the experimentalism of unusual materials, remaining close to the existentialist philosophy concepts. The gallerist Serafino Beniamino stimulated him to create works of art which he will be exhibited in his gallery in Sanremo. Then Maglitto started a reflection phase and decided to take refuge in his chalet of Langan in the Ligurian Alps behind Ventimiglia: in fact many works of art will be signed with the pen name Langan.
In the Eighties he travelled in the Far East and he deepened the Buddhist culture. This was the meditation period in Thai monasteries. Then he devoted himself to the study and training of psychoanalysis for ten years, becoming the founder and editor of the psychoanalytic journal Thèlema.
In an interview he said “My works, intended as psychological legacies, derived from Eros resistance versus Thanathos in a continue dialectic for supremacy of life over death, a struggle made up of heroic acts and surrendered. They are works that leave on the map of the totem symbolic life”.
He lives in Cipressa (West Coast Liguria, Italy) where he founded “Villa Biener” with the artist Judith Török. Now he is a member of the artistic Association “Balbo Academy” of Bordighera with the designation as selector of exhibitions. 
He took part to many group and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, from the Eighties until today.

The most important exhibitions are: “Artifici” incontri di scultura a Villa Biener, Evento collaterale della Biennale di Venezia del 2007 “Camera 312 promemoria per Pierre”, “Sui sentieri del silenzio” Galleria Vizivarosi – Budapest (Ungheria), “Arte e Vita” - Mar Baltico (Germania), Comune di Cagnes-sur-Mer: Territoires d’Hommes,  Bordighera, Galleria Accademia Balbo: “Provocazioni – L’estetica del Nulla” ,  Boxes” Villa Glisenti -Villa Carcina (Brescia), “Silenziosamente” bipersonale con Gianpiero Viglino a Bordighera e alla Galleria LuPier Gardone (catalogo), “ Il ritorno inesistente” - Imbiancheria del Vairo - Chieri – Torino e “Altri” Foyer Morfé – Torino, “Arte e Vita - Arte nuova in contesto vecchio” Berlin-Potsdam, “Inediti” Accademia Balbo – Bordighera, “Regards  Ligures” Sala degli Affreschi – Comune di Nice, “Isole dell’Utopia” Berlin, Potsdam, “Míti“ personale al Centro-Arte LuPier  - Gardone Val Trompia - Brescia