Consiglio Enzo

He is an historian artist of nude and Professor at the Balbo Academy of Bordighera.
Enzo Consiglio was born in Polistena (RC) in 1943, he was a pupil of the painter Giuseppe Balbo and he attended courses of nude in Monaco and Mentone.
From 1962 he participated in various group exhibitions in Italy and France and in 1990 he made his first solo exhibition to the Balbo Academy of Bordighera.
Provided with a deep photographic sensitivity in capturing views, isolating details of landscapes and seasides of the Ligurian Riviera, the art of the Consiglio is characterized by a specific pictorial language of gesture, simplifying the sign and the color drama.
This one and the volumes just sketchy are used by the artist to create illusory games of images and perspectives planes that project directly to the “visitor” in the context, sometimes provoking in him uneasiness.
The shaded figures projected onto backgrounds, almost translatable into "appearances", seem to be evidence of what is left in the time of memories and silences.
The artist expresses, as well, through his painting, the essence of things of life.
He founded with Bassani, Chiappalone and Venditti the Cultural circle called “Confine”.
He is in the Dictionary of Ligurian Artists published by De Ferrari.


Group and Solo Exhibitions

2009 Personale all’Accademia G. Balbo – Bordighera
2007 Libro d’artista all’Accademia Giuseppe Balbo – Bordighera
2006 Provocazione all’Accademia Giuseppe Balbo – Bordighera
2005 Biennale “Bandiera d’artista” – Bordighera
2004 “Bianco e nero” – Bordighera
2003 “Regards Ligures” – Mairie de Nice (F)
2002 Spazio Tempo – Ist. Eugenio Montale – Bordighera
Palazzo comunale San Felice – Brescia
Biennale di Solera
2001 Forte dell’Annunziata – Ventimiglia
Maison des artistes – Cagnes sur Mer
1999 Galleria libreria Einaudi – Mantova
1998 Galleria del Carmine di Pochini – Milano
1996 Oratorio dei Disciplinati – Finale Ligure
1995 Forcheim – Nürnberg (D)
1994 Maisons des Artistes – Cagnes sur Mer
Palazzo Vento – Cervo
1993 “Dieci pittori del Ponente” – Galleria Lelli
“Agorà. Arte in piazza” – Bordighera
Collettiva Palazzo Ducale – Mantova
Collettiva Palazzo Ducale – Genova
1992 Premio internazionale – Cagnes sur Mer
Biblioteca Civica – Sanremo
1990 Personale all’Accademia G. Balbo – Bordighera
1960 Collettiva di pittura e grafica – Menton (F)

Critical texts

S. Biancheri, L. Lagorio, S. Rickter, S. Napolitano, E. Marzé, M. Gaudet, F. Biamonti, Steffanoni, M. Locuratolo, F. Cervini